Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 165

The movie a day is up.  Day 19.

Tomorrow's movie of the day, might be late.  I know I've been watching at night and posting in the mornings; but I'm going to go to my mother's today for the night.   I had said last week on my main blog I didn't think I would go there again so soon given my foot still isn't healed.  But,  I'll just say, I've been talked into it.
So, those who are regular readers of my stuff, and specially the movie a day blog, I might not have the chance to post tomorrow's stuff until I get home tomorrow night.  As I have no interest in fighting for the computer with my mother.  
With that said, this will give me a chance to see what the new releases are this week on the Video on Demand rental that mom has through Shaw

I do believe I mentioned few weeks ago, that I've some how managed to loose weight since my foot has been broken.   I've lost 12 pounds doing nothing but sitting on my ass.   Which I am sure will get ruined by the fact it's the holidays and there will be cookies and other baking in the next few days. The other price of going to mother's ... baking. 
I was never much of a cookie person before I started getting really interested in cooking myself.  How odd don't you think?  The older we get the way our favourite foods change. 

Before I went vegetarian ten years ago,  I lived off of hamburgers.  Seriously, I would have two burgers a meal sometimes even for breakfast.  If it have ground meat in it,  I could cook it.  {this was the main cookbook at that time in my life}
I still pride myself on my meatloaf recipe.  
Which I'm sure, when the time comes I'll have no clue how I used to make it.  And I'm sure there will be a time when I need to start cooking meat again. 
Some reason,  I can not see myself being lucky enough to find a husband who is vegetarian.  There just doesn't seem to be too many guys anymore who are.  When I was in college,  being vegetarian was the hottest thing.  It was more like a movement then an actual lifestyle choice. 

Seeing this has become one of my longer posts on this blog, I suppose I will wrap it up for today.   

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