Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 166

So I'm home once again.  I just blogged on my main blog about what I did at mother's.  Which was catch up on my soaps and some of the cooking shows.
Sort of sucks that the free preview for the Food Network Canada is going to end soon.  I hope it at lest holds out until after the Chuck's Day Off marathon next week. 

I will say that the movie de jour will be late tonight, as I have not even picked out a movie yet.  And I still have to make something for supper. 
I baked some cookies yesterday.  Nothing major just a small batch of Shortbread.  They did a disappearing act in less time then it took to make them.   Now I know why my mom hated baking when we were younger because you do all the work and they get devoured in seconds.

Okay so off to make supper then do the movie de jour.

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