Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 174

Some of you who read my other stuff, know that I was trying to do a vampire movie back a few years ago.  For more reasons then I want to get into {yet again}  it just didn't get finished.
However, I had been at the time, keeping a production journal.  One that I had tucked away and forgot about for the last few years.
It chronicled the people that were involved, the plot of the film, the character outlines, and meeting times.  The other thing it had were photos of myself and a few crew members, drawings, stickers {yes I said stickers} and photocopies from horror magazines of things that inspired it all to begin with.

I was looking for something tonight, and found this old production journal -dusty to say the lest.  One of the things that drew me to it back in 2005 {yes the whole project was a few years back}  was the style of the journal.   One side of the page was lined the other blank... the better to draw doodles on my dear...
So, I did the only thing I could.  I ripped out all the used pages - of which there was about 20- and tucked them away with the script.  {I couldn't bare the idea of burning them or throwing them away. Script either as a full year went into what I did have}

Here's the thing.
Last night I was looking for a book online, and a recommendation came up for "Wreck this Journal".  I decided to take a look at the book online, as I have had a few people {bloggers} in the past few months talking about that book.  I'm still wondering if it's something I should bother getting, as I've never had any issues with desecrating a sketchbook/journal.  And I know the whole purpose of WTJ is to get people to be spontaneously creative.
In the new manuscript I have been writing for the last few days, I have a character who is an artist and have written in {before coming across Wreck this Journal} that she carries around this beat up sketchbook.
That in itself might be taken as a sign. 
Then I found my lost production book, and I'm thinking this would be perfect to turn into a prop to better get inside the character and flesh her out some.  Another sign...
And now, just moments ago;  I see online hundreds of photos of other people's WTJ journals, and countless youtubes of people doing the activities in the book.

So, I'm asking anyone reading this very very long post to comment on here with your experiences with the Wreck this Journal.  Is it worth it?

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