Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 224

Movie de jour is up.  Day 78

And for those who might be thinking the movie is massivly late... you're just used to me watching one at night and posting in the morning.  I actually took my fabulous self to the cinema today.  Spent the afternoon there.
Very expensive day, saw two films.  Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengence and  This Means War.  
What can I say, Nicolas Cage and Tom Hardy, all that was missing was the hot boyfriend to make out with in the semi dark and over crowded screening room. Oh well, some day my perfect nerdy prince will come to me. 

Can we talk about Tom Hardy for a minute... or you know drool.  It took me a few minutes to realize where I had seen the other dude in that movie before.  The Star Trek Rebot from 2009.
Two Star Trek men in one film.  Damn.  For those who are not trekkies like I sometimes have to admit I sort of have been... Tom Hardy played Shizon in the 2002 STNemesis.

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