Tuesday, September 4, 2012

342 b

Back from physio.  My knee is killing me now. Not the bones or even the joints, but the flesh.  The staples feel like they've torn flesh a bit, from where my therapist had me on the rowing machine.  Even with it set to a lower level to accommodate the staples and stitches, it still felt like they were going to burst.
Thank god they come out in two days.

So, if you're paying attention to the countdown on this blog, there are only a handful of days left and the "year" will be officially up.
And given I ran over by like 8 months anyway, it was never a true year.
What I'm getting at is that once it's up, I'm going to start a "fresh year"  and at this point, I am toying with the idea of it being used to follow my getting back into some sort of shape. Given, this ended up following my knee injury, might as well keep a "health" theme with it.

Well, that's what I'm thinking as of this point. 

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