Monday, September 24, 2012

362 B

I feel so betrayed.   My love, my obsession, my GetGlue.
I went to check into a topic, everything was groovy, refresh the page and it made me log in again.  When I did, there was a totally different website.  Damn you bastards!  Minus everything!  All it had were tv shows and movies and everything else was gone.  GONE! 
Then, in microscopic print was a link to the old original site.  Fine, do it the hard way.

I'm not the only one upset by this update, hundreds of people are feeling the same, many saying they are going to delete their profiles.

It sucks.  Even though they are swearing they will keep the old version for the majority of us who want something more then tv shows and movies,  we have to wonder... not too mention, how does that effect cross overs?   Can we communicate with the people using the new version?

I hate change. It's not always a good thing.

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