Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 341

Been up for about an hour, been writing. 

You've all heard me say... or I should say -read that I've typed- about my latest obsession, GetGlue.  I learned about it from a movie.   Few weeks ago, I had done a movie for the challenge, and when I went to get the poster art from the internet, I saw this link for the movie on GetGlue. I wish I had learned about this earlier.

So I have a confession to make. There is this Twilight sticker on there that I want.  Want for my scrapbooking project that ties into my all year movie challenge.  -yes, I missed yesterday's movie as we had company and I did not have a chance to watch anything-
Only, in order to get the sticker, I would have to actually, like and be knowledgeable of Twilight. 

Sort of sucks, all puns intended. And it's a catch-22.  Cause, I'm not knowledgeable of Twilight, and it's always been a hate-lukewarm like-hate  thing I've had for the whole Twilight Saga thing. 
And I'd have to interact with other fans.   Even if I did have a knowledge base of the books vs the movies, I don't think I could stomach interacting with a bunch of  14 year old girls and their Edward obsessed moms.
It's enough knowing that I'm admitting that I am actually looking forward to the last chapter of the movies in November.  

It's a vampire movie, of course I'm looking forward to it.  Specially since I've been stuck on my mom's sofa for so long and missed Dark Shadows, Batman Dark Knight Rises, Snow White and the Huntsman  and the Avengers.  

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