Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 344

Too early.  I actually woke before my alarm by a half hour.
Getting ready to go to a too early physio therapy again, and then to a doctor's appointment again.
Getting the staples and stitches out today.

Which means I'm going to be sitting around the waiting room for god knows how long before the tech who runs the Fracture Clinic removes my bandages, and tells the doctor how the scar looks, in which point the doctor will step into the room and either nod approval for them to come out in which case, the tech removes them and I go home, or the doctor decides something else will be done. 

I know the routine too well.  I really do look like a Frankenstein monster with all my scars.

Speaking of being an expert at strange stuff, on my latest favourite obsession, GetGlue, I've been trying to get labeled Guru on a few topics.  Only it's a bitch.   There is this one guy who wrote one thing on the fictional characters from Dracula  like two years ago, most of the character topics are empty, except Dracula itself which is always overflowing; but even with my constant attention to the some of the topics, I still can't seem to move up the food chain. Just because one guy made a comment and never returned.
It's like a game.  The people who invented GetGlue are genius. They took the best parts of social networking and the best parts of games and made this site.

Okay, now, to have coffee before I have to get going. 

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