Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 354

I think GetGlue has underestimated their sticker collectors. They opened the first Twilight sticker yesterday for the new movie, and it was one that they had more of, as in a few thousand copies.
It is now expired, and the second one which was not scheduled for another few weeks had to be made available.  I find this funny.

In my life time, I've seen two major movie franchises cause this sort of frenzy in people.  Star Wars and Star Trek.  It's weird to think that a series of vampire films for teens would ever be put in the same category, but it is-has-will.

You all know I have a hate-lukewarm hate- for Twilight.  It's like when your starved but dislike everything on the menu, you still have to pick something  to eat, so you pick the soup and salad.

And if you're wondering if I went for my copy of the Twilight movie stickers on there... you bet your Maltese Bippy I did.   I'm still trying to get movie related stuff for my movie project. 

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