Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 362

I'm up, once again before the alarm. Which, I suppose is a good thing as it lets me get this done without becoming late for physio.

Anyway, not a lot to say this morning. Checking in to GetGlue, moping about the fact I'm missing out on all the Halloween sales at the stores because I haven't been shopping since the day I smashed up my knee.  And when I say shopping, I mean I have not been to the mall, or Walmart even.  I don't really consider five minutes at the craft store shopping.
And with Zellers going out of business here... all those clearance sales in the dvd department... deep sigh.

I said it before in real life and on the blogs,  in Sex and the City  Carrie Bradshaw had her shoe addiction and I have my DVD addiction.

Just a few more days on this blog for this "year"  then I will be starting fresh with a new single focus. And at that time, my other blog - the big red one- will become my main blog again. Or so that's my plan at this moment.
But if I learned anything from the knee injury is that plans can chance in the blink of an eye.

Okay coffee now, then off to physio therapy for three hours.

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