Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 363

it's after midnight, so it's okay to post.
Getting ready for bed, sort of.  I know I should be asleep but was watching the end of WWE Raw, which we get here an hour later.  Yes, that's right, Canada gets the Live Monday Night Raw  taped with an hour delay. So it's not all that live.

I have no idea why either?

Anyways, caught the last hour of it after watching Revolution.  Will catch up with the first two hours on replay tomorrow.  Yes, that's right, the Score in Canada gives us two replays cause we're like wrestling junkies. 
Seriously, there isn't much else you can put on a sports channel when other games run over time and mess up the schedule or when something causes a event to be cancelled.  But wrestling, dude it normally is something you can slap on in the last second.   And given the way matches run, you can even use a half hour worth of show with the notion of it "being already in progress"

I had a lovely chat about stickers on GetGlue.   I'm waiting for mine to come in the mail in order to finish a few scrapbook pages in the movie project that I'm doing.   Yes, stickers.  No I never grew up nor do I intend to.
I want to be 17 forever.  Maybe 12 if I can pull it off.   There's growing up and then there's taking responsibility.   I'll take responsibility but I will never grow up.

I need a guy who pretty much looks at life in the same way.  He's out there, just not in a twenty block radius of where I hang out.
But that my readers is another story for another time and possibly another space/place.

Raise your hand if you feel like singing Rocky Horror Picture Show  songs.... whenever I hear someone say "another time and place"   I always think about the last scene in the movie when the Narrator closes the book and the house blasts off.    Good times. 

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