Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Season 2 Day 20

Happy Hallowe'en!

If you follow the movie blog, I'll be posting on there later in the evening.  The plan, is a movie marathon and a Rocky Horror Picture Show party. 
Yeah, I didn't think that totally through, but I posted about doing it earlier in the week, so I'll give it my best shot.  But not until trick or treat time.

I joined Netflix the other day, and spent all of yesterday watching the first season of the British tv show Being Human.   I'm hooked.
I tried looking up the american version but, it just didn't do it for me.  Then again, I've always dug British television. Honestly, I swear I was born in the wrong country, I should have been British.
It's someplace I still hope to visit in my lifetime. 
Both England and Ireland actually.

So, it's been Hallowe'en Week here, which I have done my best to cover over on the movie challenge blog.  Guessing, I'll have to totally swing the blog in the other direction on the weekend, to sort of differentiate that Hallowe'en is over. Which I have no idea other then a complete chick flick fest for a few days... 

There is just too much to get done today, before supper time.  It's like this city officially has Hallowe'en marked as starting at 6pm EST.  All the normal business stuff seems to shift into Hallowe'en at 6pm.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Season 2 day 19

Once again, back home. Came home yesterday morning.
Survived almost 24 hours. 

There is a new neighbour living in the apartment below me, and I already want to strangle her.  Party person. Enough said.

The movie challenge blog, movie de jour makes Day 304. Knocking down those days. Already have a plan for the new year in regards to the challenge. Which I know I've hinted at already.

And now, I don't know what to do with myself.  I keep sitting down to write, but I end up looking a blank pages.
It's going to be one of those days I think.  Me puttering around in circles again.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Season 2 Day 18

A blogging we will go...

Busy few days movie/tv wise.  After watching Mockingbird Lane last night, I did a small post on my vampire blog , and we are 3 days into Hallowe'en Week over on my movie blog.

Today marks Day 302 on there. 

So, during Mockingbird Lane, I was hanging out on GetGlue, and taking part in some of the chat that was happening for the show.  I know most of the critics bashed it but, as far as I was witnessing last night in the live thread, the fans seemed to be loving it. 
Not all, mind you there were some people who turned it off five minutes in complaining how it just wasn't their Munsters from the past growing up.
Well, yeah it wasn't meant to be.

Times have changed, people have changed some, so why should we expect a total carbon copy of something that originally came out 50 years ago?

I think what made the original so endearing was that back then, the world was a bit more ... tight. You didn't really have the openness of being what and who you really are like you do now. The original Munsters were a breakthrough because they reminded everyone that not everyone will be what you expect.
And today, from a skimmed point of view, we take that for granted. 

Most of the turn out I was reading and the people I was chatting with loved it.  It was much darker then the original but that again has to do with audiences having a more intelligent need for how they are served their shows. (though with some of the so called reality tv it makes me wonder if shows like Mockingbird Lane weren't too intelligent for some)
Remember how dark both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and X-Files were when they first came on, or the grand-daddy of them all Twin Peaks

I hope NBC really takes into consideration the fans on this one.

Mockingbird Lane deserves a chance to shine.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Season 2 Day 17

It's sunny and clear outside today.   Blagh.  Don't care for "nice" days, as I always end up with sinus headaches.

Not much going on right now.  But hey, finally unlocked that infamous "twi-hard" sticker on GetGlue. Without even having to chat with anyone about the movies/books.  So that's cool. Now, if my stickers would just arrive in the mail I could finish at lest 7 scrapbook pages I'm currently working on.

Speaking of scrapbooking, who else is addicted to the whole Smash style of books?  Dude, I have two smash books and three of the glue-pens.  I know they are just blank journals with cute paper, but they are convenient. I mean man, they are ready made with the scrapbook pages and the handy glue-pen, some with pockets.

Okay so my geek is showing, when is it not?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Season 2 Day 16

I think I have mentioned on here before, that I am in the middle of making a scrapbook for the movie challenge.
I have bits and pieces done on it. Going to wait till I have finished the year's movie challenge before I post some photos of it on the movie blog.
And you've also read on here about me being addicted to GetGlue, collecting stickers on there.  If you're not on GetGlue, then let me say that when you reach twenty stickers online, you can order the physical ones. I'm still waiting for my first couple of batches to come in the mail, they should have arrived this week.
And I'm waiting very impatiently because I plan to use them in the scrapbook, as most of them I've been winning on GetGlue or collecting depending on your point of view, are movie and tv  related. So I have a bunch of themed pages for the scrapbook that are unfinished because of the stickers.

I hate waiting I'm really horrible at it.

I got the idea for the movie scrapbook a few weeks into the actual movie challenge.  Been collecting anything I can get my hands on to do with movies. Ticket stubs from the films I got to see, movie reviews from the newspaper, etc. 

You know, scrapbooking stuff.

And that is where my mind is today. On page designs and colour schemes.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Season 2 Day 15

Lovely rain!
I love days like this, perfect vampire movie weather.  

I totally broken down and came back to mom's on the weekend. Caught up with the tv shows she taped for me over the four days I was at home, and spent all of yesterday and today watching movies.
Back home tomorrow.  I don't know how I'm going to handle it once the snow comes and I really am "trapped" in the apartment?
I'm driving myself insane.

Anyways, loving that horror fest thing on the Crackle online site. Free movies.  Been watching a few horror films.
There are a few that I just don't get why they are considered "cult classics"? 

Short post, more like me just babbling...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Season 2 Day 14

Thinking about Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The art of it mostly.
Working on some scrapbook pages, and am trying to find "the missing element" for the FALILV page.

Thinking I might have to go back to mom's for a few days.  This is getting bad.  All I wanted was to get home, get back to my own space, and it's just more then I can handle.
I remember why I was hating this place before the knee injury.  The pipes that don't always work, the toilet that never stops making noise, the broken window that no matter how many times I remind the landlord has not been fixed in 4 years, the broken heater that I have been complaining about for 8 years that never seems to get fixed.
At lest the psycho who used to live across the hall moved months ago, aka the landlord's daughter and grandson. There were times I swear the kid was possessed the way he screamed and threw stuff.

So I'm sitting here now, having a coffee, trying to find the right picture of the same kind of car in Fear and Loathing.  I don't think my drawing ability would be close enough, as I've never attempted to draw cars.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Season 2 Day 13

listening to Sixx A.M.  "This is Gonna Hurt"   cd.  Damn, I didn't realize how much I missed my cds. I've tracked down a few videos here and there online while I was at mom's but, nothing is as good as your own music collection.

Looking around my hovel, it's both wonderful to be home and terrifying at the same time.  Back last winter before I fell and destroyed my knee and life, I was in the middle of packing hoping that disability would have found me a new place.  Now, over the course of the last 7 and a half months that I've been at mom's recovering, my mom and uncle would come here to get my mail and picked up a few things for me. 
Of which they had to search and search for, tossing other stuff all over the place.  At one point, they took my bedroom curtains down.  Which were large pieces of dark material to make my room as dark as possible. 
I have no idea how I'm going to get the material back up? I can't climb on a chair anymore.  Damn, that's going to make issues with changing light bulbs too...


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Season 2 Day 12

It's a lovely rainy morning.  I'm hanging out on GetGlue, and watching last night's WWE Raw.
Still don't understand why they think having it over three hours is a good idea? I still think it's an hour and half too long.

Looks like I'm finally going to get home tomorrow.  and the odd thing is, mom was asking how long I plan to be before I come back?   She wasn't being snarky or sarcastic either.
Nearly 8 months I've been stuck here. I just want to get home.  Even if I am going to be stuck inside my own apartment for the winter.

Friday was my last day of physio therapy, and I really feel the difference.  Just this last couple of days, my knee is killing me. I didn't realize how much the machines they had me working on and the way the therapist had to work on my leg, was keeping it loose.   At lest there is no more swelling in it.

That's about it for this morning. Catch you all later

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Season 2 Day 11

Weird blog issues again.

Movie de jour is up. Day 290

Really loving that new tv show Arrow.  That I believe will be the big hit of the season.  I know I said that about another show few weeks ago, but that was few weeks ago before Arrow started. 
Not much to talk about right now, the plan is to get home on Wednesday.

Was hoping to have a big 31 days of horror films for the movie challenge, but since I'm not home yet I don't have my dvds. So that is on the shelf.

To anyone who might be catching this that is part of the TNA ppv tonight... if you missed my blog post yesterday on my main red blog,  stay safe.

till later

Friday, October 12, 2012

Season 2 Day 10

Okay so I've been off line since yesterday.  Not on purpose.   We had internet issues and both our computers were down.
The poor repair/tech guy just left and I'm sure he was wanting to rip his hair out because we were asking stuff and explaining what had happened.

Let me rephrase that, I was trying to explain and my mother was talking over me asking questions and the poor tech guy was literally spinning in circles for about fifteen minutes while he tried to get the gist of it all.

But, problem solved!    But, I am yet another day behind on the movie de jour. 

And I have no idea if I'm done physio therapy or not.  Was there today, but therapist left before I had a chance to talk to him.  I'll find out on Monday morning if I need to go back or not.

You don't realize just how addicted you are to something till it breaks down on you.   I'm such an internet junkie.

Till later

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Season 2 Day 9

The last few days have been really crappy. I haven't really had much to say, nor have I wanted to talk.

Wanna start with physio therapy being cancelled again this week.  Both yesterday and today's were because my physio therapist hasn't come back yet.  Which makes me wonder if everything went okay with his wife and the baby?
Guess I'll find out tomorrow one way or another.

Friday, is suppose to be my last day for physio therapy.  But now, with having missed nearly a full week, I'm wondering if they will extend it another week or just let it ride?

Looks like I am finally getting to the cinema tonight.  Long story.  But I've been wanting to see that vampire cartoon Hotel Transylvania since I first heard about it back in May. 
I guess I better save up money now for next month so that I can see the final episode of Twilight.  again, long story filled with too much drama. 
What it boils down to is I am still not able to take a bus yet and need a ride cause, I don't drive.

Season 4 of Vampire Diaries starts tomorrow.  I'm going to just DVR it for a few episodes till after I can see season 3.  And yes, I broke down and ordered season 3 few days ago from amazon.  Should be here by the weekend.
Safe to say, vampires are a massive weakness.  I feel like the catch phrase for that one wrestler Ryback... feed me more.

If you missed the movie de jour yesterday, it was Day 287  a musical.

catch you later

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Season 2 Day 8

I was just hanging out on GetGlue, and someone made a comment about vampire movies.
I answered them.  Most likely just pissed them off to no end, but that's about all I'm good at... vampire movies.  And pissing people off at times.
Seriously, vampires are a topic I could spend days on.  Or years for that matter.  Or you know, a year.

Speaking of vampires, I just finished watching seasons 1 and 2 of Vampire Diaries.  Have to get my paws on season 3 asap. Too bad for me season 3 is like $80 on DVD

Again, not much happening around here today.  I spend way too much time online.  Hoping once I get back home in the next few days, that my craft projects and books will keep me sane for a bit.  It will be weird living alone again after this last 7 months stuck on mom's sofa.
And there's this weird lump right under my knee cap.  Well, can't say weird, as it's the spot where the bone is fixed back together from the surgery.  Just, it's un-pretty.

Happy Thanksgiving if you're in Canada.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Season 2 Day 7

I'm not happy.
Been stuck babysitting since last night, and the kid is still here.  I've seen a few Disney films in the last 24 hours that I never wanted to see.
Tried to write a blog post on another blog few hours ago, and it didn't make any sense when I read what I posted.  All because the kid kept asking me stuff and making noise. 

Currently stuck watching some sort of cartoon on the disney channel.  One of those "what is the name of this pet...when you see a sheep yell sheep"   which of course the kid actually screams out the answers to the tv screen and runs over to point and pat the part of the screen the things are.

I really don't know why or how anyone chooses to do this sort of thing on a daily basis. It boggles my mind.

I just want to watch my Vampire Diaries season 2.

Anyways, looks like I'll be getting home after next weekend.  Finally.  It's only been 7 long months of being stuck here at my mothers.  I'm able to hobble around without the cane in the apartment which is great.

I'm tired and cranky so best to end this post here tonight.

Hope everyone is having a Good Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Season 2 Day 6

What a lovely long weekend for me.

I was just getting ready, having just scrambled off two short blog posts on the same thing basically for the main blog and the vampire blog, as it's author Anne Rice's birthday;  when I got a call from the hospital.   My physio therapy is cancelled for today and tomorrow on account of my therapist's wife having gone into labor. And it's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. So I have like a 5 day weekend.

Whoo- and a hoo!

And that's basically all I've got to talk about right now.  I've only been up for 45 minutes.
Short blog, catch you all later.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Season 2 Day 5


I broke down and ordered the first season of Vampire Diaries.  I'm beyond hooked.

No tv shows to talk about today, other then my soap operas.  Been behaving as far as tv goes.

Well, this has really not turned out the way I was hoping.  Anyways, short post tonight.  I got out for a few minutes after physio therapy this morning and picked up a few new vampire dvds at a clearance sale.  Or what I thought was a nice stack of new vampire movies.  Looks like I got two serial killer movies, two zombie movies (icky) and one vampire movie I already have in a 4 pack collection that I didn't realize was the same movie cause it had a different cover.

I suck.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Season 2 Day 4

And I have yet to make it over to my main blog this week.  Talk about being out of balance.

Did not go this morning to physio therapy, had a day off. Yay.  Took advantage and watched Dark Shadows on Shaw Video On Demand.
Been trying to get just one of the stickers for Dark Shadows on GetGlue, can't seem to do it. Don't know how many times I need to comment either.

Was going to talk about the show Revolution but talked about it enough last night on GetGlue while it was on, and it's lost it's appeal today.

Yes, another short post and half way off topic. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Season 2 Day 3

I'm late in the afternoon today, for all of you who like to read me in the morning.
I spent my morning before going to physio, on GetGlue chatting with a few people and trying to earn a Dark Shadows sticker, which I still have not managed to crack.

Anyways, I said I was going to recap the ABC line up from last night.

Once Upon A Time.... the second season opened with a parallel story.  Not the typical way season one handled it either, with each character in modern world and their back story in fairy tale land; but with the modern world learning that they are from fairy tale world and with a current story in fairy tale world about Sleeping Beauty.
They introduced a vampire like creature, that seemed too much like the death eaters or whatever they were on Harry Potter movies.  One of which was after the Queen.  She sent it off to the abyss but not before it dragged Emma and Snow White with it. 
They ended up in modern fairy tale world with Sleeping Beauty.
The actual opening scene of the show introduced one more new character, in modern world, who I am guessing is Rumpelstilskin's son who was sent to "earth" by beanstalk in an episode from season one.  All we were given in that opening scene was a man in modern world who got a postcard from Storybrooke by pigeon.

666 Park Avenue... A young couple move into an old building and start to discover strange things happening.  Everyone who lives there for starters, are uber successful in their field. Like impossibly successful.  The guy who owns the building, is sort of the devil and forces another tenant to kill for him. 
The couple are both working their way up the ladder of their chosen fields, the woman is working on the historical aspect of the building and is sort of the manager of the building.  The building is called the Drake, named after the dragon painting she finds in the basement. Soon, she's having nightmares about ghosts and in her research discovers that a cult used to use the basement for rituals back in the 1940's.
This reminds me so much of the movie Devil's Advocate  (which was based on a novel)  and I was surprised in learning that 666 Park Avenue is based on a novel.

I know I said I would recap Revenge as well, but I didn't get to see it. 

Okay, that's today's post.  Stay Sane