Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Season 2 Day 16

I think I have mentioned on here before, that I am in the middle of making a scrapbook for the movie challenge.
I have bits and pieces done on it. Going to wait till I have finished the year's movie challenge before I post some photos of it on the movie blog.
And you've also read on here about me being addicted to GetGlue, collecting stickers on there.  If you're not on GetGlue, then let me say that when you reach twenty stickers online, you can order the physical ones. I'm still waiting for my first couple of batches to come in the mail, they should have arrived this week.
And I'm waiting very impatiently because I plan to use them in the scrapbook, as most of them I've been winning on GetGlue or collecting depending on your point of view, are movie and tv  related. So I have a bunch of themed pages for the scrapbook that are unfinished because of the stickers.

I hate waiting I'm really horrible at it.

I got the idea for the movie scrapbook a few weeks into the actual movie challenge.  Been collecting anything I can get my hands on to do with movies. Ticket stubs from the films I got to see, movie reviews from the newspaper, etc. 

You know, scrapbooking stuff.

And that is where my mind is today. On page designs and colour schemes.  

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