Saturday, October 27, 2012

Season 2 Day 18

A blogging we will go...

Busy few days movie/tv wise.  After watching Mockingbird Lane last night, I did a small post on my vampire blog , and we are 3 days into Hallowe'en Week over on my movie blog.

Today marks Day 302 on there. 

So, during Mockingbird Lane, I was hanging out on GetGlue, and taking part in some of the chat that was happening for the show.  I know most of the critics bashed it but, as far as I was witnessing last night in the live thread, the fans seemed to be loving it. 
Not all, mind you there were some people who turned it off five minutes in complaining how it just wasn't their Munsters from the past growing up.
Well, yeah it wasn't meant to be.

Times have changed, people have changed some, so why should we expect a total carbon copy of something that originally came out 50 years ago?

I think what made the original so endearing was that back then, the world was a bit more ... tight. You didn't really have the openness of being what and who you really are like you do now. The original Munsters were a breakthrough because they reminded everyone that not everyone will be what you expect.
And today, from a skimmed point of view, we take that for granted. 

Most of the turn out I was reading and the people I was chatting with loved it.  It was much darker then the original but that again has to do with audiences having a more intelligent need for how they are served their shows. (though with some of the so called reality tv it makes me wonder if shows like Mockingbird Lane weren't too intelligent for some)
Remember how dark both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and X-Files were when they first came on, or the grand-daddy of them all Twin Peaks

I hope NBC really takes into consideration the fans on this one.

Mockingbird Lane deserves a chance to shine.

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