Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 67

And the winner is.... Red Cabbage Marmalade.  Only when I went to the Top Chef site, there was no actual recipe for the Red Cabbage Marmalade.  The rest of the dish was listed.  So does that mean it was just some red cabbage sauerkraut?

So the fans are happy.  Lest I am, as Blaze won Season 8 of Top Chef.  Though isn't it more like season 10  given we had two seasons of TCMasters?

But anyways, Looking forward to Top Chef Canada which starts in a couple of weeks on Food Network Canada.   It will be interesting to see who they bring in for our Northern star judges.  How many American cooking stars will be around the judge's table? How many of our own Canadian food celebs will be on hand? 

Now that Chuck Hughes is an Iron Chef, will that carry any weight with him being on the show? 

Today is totally a food day for me. 

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