Saturday, March 5, 2011


It's just after 7pm on a Saturday.  Dusk.  Today wasn't bad for the weather, -8c here. No winds and the sun was out until nearly 1pm before it became overcast.  Which is typical around here. Overcast. Great place to film a vampire movie.

I went to mom's and watched a reply of WWE's Smackdown. We made pizzas for supper.  I had mushrooms and peppers on mine, mom had meat on her's.

While she read her paper, I watched Chuck's Day Off  online on the FNC and opened the bottle of wine she had in the fridge. God knows how long it's been sitting in there.  Few years I'm sure.  It wasn't bad, wasn't great either. Some sort of peach wine.  I'm sure I'll have no real issues drinking it over the course of the next week when I go back to mom's.

But yes, Chuck Hughes.  Damn, that man's hotter then hell in a bathtub!  I must thank Suzie for telling me about his show.  What surprised me was that mom actually watched part of the episode with me. What did not surprise me was mom's comments while she watched part of the episode with me.  "Why are you watching him when all he makes is meat? He's useless for you cause he's just making meat. You don't eat meat why are you bothering to watch the show?"  

Mom fails to see the appeal of Chuck.  Mom needs her eyes checked.

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